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Without the starting time it is Actually, knowing the starting time is still not enough.During the race you have to watch the swimmer and count how many laps he has swum so you know that he has done 1,500 metres.That is why you need at least two, sometimes three judges to measure the time of the race to the standard needed to enter the record books.It would make no difference how accurate or high-tech the wristwatch was.Evolutionists often describe these methods as proving the ancient age of the earth and its strata.Creationists often criticize the methods as giving totally false results.

And yet, there is really no scientific reason proving that radiometric dating is correct, and a number of evidences showing that it doesn't work. We'll find that faith in materialism, and rejection of any supernatural activity, is the foundation stone of radiometric analysis, even before any measurements are made.But they do not even mention the basic problem that you cannot know the radioactive concentrations that existed in the rock in the past.In other words, the fatal problem with all radioactive dates is that they are all based on assumptions about the past.But without reliable witnesses the accuracy of the watch makes no difference.You can only establish the time for the race if it was timed by two or more qualified eyewitnesses who observed the start, the progress and the finish.

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And you have to check to make sure he touches the edge at the end of each lap.

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